Department: Support&Administration

Job type: Part Time

Location: Cluj-Napoca

Junior documentation writer wanted to join awesome team of smart people in a growing company. BitStone is an IT company, based in Cluj, with more than 10 years of experience in providing affordable software solutions to clients all over the world.

One of our long-term client relationships is with Thrive Themes, which is a rapidly growing and innovative software vendor of WordPress products. As part of Thrive, we entered the market around 5 years ago and have been on a significant growth curve ever since.  

Today, we have a highly skilled team that are constantly pushing the boundaries of WordPress software development by releasing market leading products. Our software gives online business owners a complete set of conversion oriented marketing tools to help them acquire more customers, sell more products and, ultimately, make more money.

However, we have a problem…

We are pushing out new products and feature upgrades so fast that we are struggling to keep all of our documentation up to date.  

And that’s where you come in...

If you have a way with words, find it easy to break down and explain technical concepts and are looking to learn a new skill, this can be your ticket in the innovative and exciting world of IT. You can be one step ahead of the curve and learn how to excel at one of the jobs that will survive the information technology revolution.

We’re looking for a junior documentation writer to start working alongside our skilled technical writer and help take the documentation side of the business, to the next level.  

Your tasks may include:

  • Update written articles

  • Write Knowledge Base articles

  • Review newly written articles

  • Assist the senior technical writer

  • Check articles for accuracy

  • Keep tutorials up to date

  • Work on other documentation related tasks

Thus, you will be in charge of going through existing documentation and filling in any gaps.

Skills that you must have:

  • Fluent English written communication with excellent spelling, punctuation and grammar

  • Great attention to detail to be able to spot outdated information that might appear in our instructional articles or videos

  • The ability to simplify sometimes complex instructions, so that semi-literate computer users are able to understand and follow along

  • The ability to capture relevant screenshots and include them, where necessary, in your articles

  • The ability to learn new pieces of software and functionality quickly, without the need for a lot of handholding and instruction

  • The ability to create attractive knowledge base articles using the WordPress platform (our knowledge base site is built on WordPress)

If this still seems like it’s a good fit for you, then allow me to take a few minutes to tell you what we can offer in return:

  • Freedom to get on with the job. We're not some giant company with dozens of people between you and a result. You'll be part of a small team that's trusted to get on and deliver.

  • A place in a fast moving software company with big ambitions and an exciting future ahead.

  • Flexible working hours. As long as you can make yourself available for arranged planning sessions, you have the freedom to choose your working hours.

  • The possibility to turn a part time job into a career thanks to clear goals and a well defined career path.

  • Training and instruction where required, so you’re not just thrown in at the deep end without any support.

In order to apply for this position, please let us know what you can and can’t do (be honest, it’s important) by filling in the following form and we will be in touch

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